Replacement Tails


2 pack
*I do not have the newer soft silicone tails for the 9" Replica Trout in stock!*

Silicone rubber replacement tails for the 6.2" Replica Gill and the 9" Replica trout.
Should the unthinkable happen and your tail get damaged or lost there are multiple color options available to ensure that your bait looks and works properly!

Smooth-on Sil-poxy is the only glue that will adhere to these silicone tails. You can purchase that here.

*Please do not replace the tail because you don't like the stock color. The orientation of the tail works in combination with the ballast location and the joint spacing to make the bait work properly. Getting it wrong may result in a bait that does not swim properly.

Step 1: Remove anything remaining in the tail slot. Glue, tail, and pin
Step 2: Ensure that your replacement tail is not too thick for the slot
Step 3: Position the tail with the arrow facing up
Step 4: Place a thin layer of Sil-Poxy on both sides of the tail and in the slot
Step 5: Slide tail into place and replace the pin.
Step 6: Hang bait by the line tie. DO NOT leave the bait laying on its side to dry.
Ensure that the tail is straight in line with the bait. Wait 20 minutes and then
go fishing!