9" Replica Trout

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9.2 Inches
4.5 Ounces
Size 1/0 Underground Supply Co Strike hooks
Underground Supply Co. Split rings
High Quality Finish
Silicone tail
All Stainless Steel Components

This is Version 3.2 of the 9" trout. The joint hardware has been upgraded to a heavier gauge and the tail is now silicone to prevent any "bend holding" while storing the bait in a confined space, ensuring the bait will run true for its lifetime.

Slow Float sits in the water with the dorsal fins barely out of the water.
Extra slow sink falls at a rate of 6-8 seconds per foot
Slow sink falls at a rate of 4-5 seconds per foot
Moderate sink falls at a rate of 3 seconds per foot
Fast sink falls at a rate of 2 seconds per foot.